Friday, January 14, 2022

META PROMPT - CITIES, NATURE, GLOG - Delta Templates for Animal Lord and Castle Lord

Prompt Generator by Lexi Here 

So I've written before about a "Noble/Wyld" Reaction affecting stat. It was one of those things that I thought sounded neat but then typically got forgotten about in the flow of play. 

And someone has already done GLOG Wizards with a City/Nature dynamic better than I think I could.

So to preface this - I don't have much GLOG experience. I had a long stint where I played a GLOG Wizard named Firstborn in a Basic Fantasy campaign but I'm not sure if that counts, as that game ended at much higher level than a "normal" GLOG campaign I expect. I've written two classes for GLOG based on Social Parasites - This One is better I think. And I've been playing GLOG wizards in a few "stress test" sessions for an upcoming Magic School campaign.

I share many of the tiny critiques Manse brings up here

Anyway delta templates seem cool. Here are two Δ Templates about Nature and Cities.

An Aven Lord (Source)

(Δ) Animal Lord

Δ: Be Level 5. Defeat an Animal Lord in an Official Challenge.

You can turn into an Animal of your affinity at any time. You have all the benefits of both animal and man in either form and can use the best set of senses and appendages at any time. Lose this template if you lose an Official Challenge

  • Some Affinity examples are Canine, Feline, Piscis, Rodent, Serpent, Aven, and Equine
  • As Animal Lord you'll probably be expected to offer some amount of protection and problem-solving for those in your "Kingdom". Failure to rule adequately could mean an increasing number of Official Challengers.
  • "Benefits of Both Animal and Man" is broad on purpose and is dependent on Affinity. Canine Lords can smell as well as wolf or hunting hound at any time, can "dull" their smell to Human ability if it becomes inconvenient, and can see the entire color spectrum in the form of a dog. Aven Lords can sprout wings at a moments notice and might be mistaken for angels.
  • What constitutes an "Official Challenge" depends on the Affinity - an Official Challenge to the current Rodent Lord, a Beaver, might be to build a "better" dam. Serpent Lords love tests of wit, and Canine Lords love tests of Hunting and Tricks.

Fairly standard Druidy stuff.


(Δ) Castle Lord

Δ: Be Level 5. Defeat a CASTLE.

You have absolute awareness of all that takes place inside your castle. You can take your castle with you as long as you keep it fed and happy. 

"How do I get to Level 5 if the GLOG system I'm in only goes to Level 4" is a good question.

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