Thursday, April 9, 2020

Secret Jackalope 2020: Magical Academic Book Generator

 Let's see.

Kahva of Mad Cartographer has requested a generator on academic books on Magic.

I decided to do some vaguely academic sounding verbs, then schools of magic, followed by a few extra words of title. I apologize if this is terrible but I had to dig deep for this one since it's been quite awhile since I've been part of academia.

1AnalyzingConjuration: A Manifesto
2BuildingNecromancyFor a New World Order
3CalculatingEvocation, A Brief History
4CodingAbjuration: A Radical Perspective
5ComparingTransmutation: Origins and History
6ComposingDivination: A Dwarven Perspective
7CriticizingEnchantment: An Elven Perspective
8DeconstructingIllusion: Declassifying the Myths
9DeterminingPolymorphism: Understanding the Opposition
10DissectingTeleportation: Common Untruths and Uncommon Truths
11ExaminingScrying: How I Lost My Tenure
12RevisingHealingis Easier than You Might Think

Here it is in button form:

I hope that it's useful! And to supplement the table, since it's a bit shorter than my other blogpost, here's a skeleton for Magic Research of new spells for osr systems. Lots of bits are stolen. This is for both making up new spells or acquiring existing ones.

Magical Research

- Cost is 500 gold per level of the spell (or silver/copper, for other standards) spent on reagents/sacrificed in holy bonfires/etc
- Success chances begins at 1-in-6

Chance of success is improved in the following ways:

- Doubling the required price improves chances by 1-in-6
- Theoretical research on magic, either through academic books on magic or through consulting knowledgeable people improves chances by 1-in-6
- Having access to or consulting with a spell similar to the desired effect improves chances by 2-in-6. Examples might be Levitation or Featherfall for flight or Dimension Door for Teleport.

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