Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I Guess I'll Make An Adventure Too

I have the Tome of Adventure Design. I haven't used it yet. I saw a post from wr3ckingb8ll here and felt inspired.

I've got few minutes so I'm going to give this a shot!

1-3 Type of Mission: (5) Individual
1-4 Individual Based Mission [40] Entrap or Sting a [16] Criminal/Outlaw
1-8 Patron [594] Money lender (Victim of Swindle)
1-9 Patron motivation [26] Gain status over [89] Spouse(?!)
1-10 Hooks and Motivations [13] bonuses to saving throws [15] informed of quest by friend/mentor/relative of a character
1-11 Villain motivation- random acts , [93] nature changes according to [95] temperature cycle
1-35 minion - [38]magic user [95] rude and arrogant [28] deceived to real nature of activities

Lot to parse here. 

So: a friend of the party tells them of a moneylender whose been a victim of a swindle. They want to hire the party to entrap or sting their own spouse in order to gain status over them. The spouse transforms (maybe mystically, maybe not) according to changes in temperature. They have a minion who is a magic user who's been deceived of their true nature. I don't know how the reward ties in just yet.

Making this make sense a bit: 

My gut says that the "minion" is the one who swindled the money lender. We'll say the money lender is the husband and his wife has some sort of mythical curse. We'll say she's unrecognizable in her "changed form", and powerful enough that she can convince the MU to work for her. I'll also say the entrap/sting part is less about catching her in any particularly nefarious scheme and more about the relationship between her and this arrogant Magic User, and convincing THEM of her real nature is the end goal for all this.
I'm gonna roll on the table for "Monsters" to see if I get anything interesting or informative about this changed form.

Type: [17] Draconic 
Unusual Physical Feature: [18] Mane of Hair
Unusual Ability: [33] Hidden, can conceal itself in unusual places
Breath Weapon: [48] disease with [91] grenade-ball delivery


I'll do a location too since I feel like it.  In table 1-2 I got [35] fire- [10]caverns.

Ok. So there's a woman. As long as the temperature is above 50 degrees farenheit or so, she's totally normal. Whenever it drops below that, she disappears, and this dragon-like monster takes her place.

Her husband knows about this curse/biomancy-gone-wrong and makes sure to set aside enough money each year that they can head to warmer clients in the winter months (away from his money-lending business).

But then they got swindled by a magic user who didn't pay back a rather large loan. He had an experiment go wrong or something and refuses to pay. Now it's Winter and the couple does not have the funds to afford safe travel (the roads are quite dangerous?). Wife is stuck in permanent dragon form. 

Wife-Dragon-Thing can hide in the shadows despite its large size and can spit huge mucus balls that carry disease.

The beast-side has bullied the magic user into working for it- it wishes to have enough ever-ice that it can live through the warm months without changing back into the woman. The ingredients are being stolen from someone/something else (outlaw/bandit) . There might be a bounty on the dragon-thing but there's no description.

The moneylender is broke, but has a large stash of hair saved from the beasts' form over the years (It has a long, beautifully conditioned mane it leaves behind whenever the wife comes back). He suspects it is magical, and anyone with magic abilities can detect that clothing or scarves worn from it can help resist disease (the saving throw reward).

He has the beginnings of a plan- the only place hot enough in this cold winter to change his wife back is deep within the fire caverns (itself a large dungeon complex). He wants the party to get his wife to change back in full view of the magic user so he will realize what's going on and possibly help the couple find out a better solution (or at least stop making ever-ice).

Alternatively- the party can attempt to accost or trap the dragon as it steals regents necessary to make ever-ice, but it'll fight back fiercely.

It's...sparse and I don't love it, but I also don't hate it and it only took my lunch hour to come up with. I like the "story" that emerged naturally from the table results and I'm curious if another lunch-storming session might help. I think something is here though, it just needs some more polishing. I really love getting to use the product though.

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